Route among the less traveled where the constant is the large amount of pelagic fish. The cruise includes embarkation and disembarkation in Port Sudan. With a few hours of navigation, we are welcomed by the imposing Sanganeb lighthouse that observes this enchanted sea area from above. The large gray sharks and a compact army of barracuda and trevally have chosen as their territory, a plateau at 35 meters, located on the southern tip of Sanganeb. It is here that the wall plunges into the blue and it is over there that you can see curious hammerheads, indifferent to divers. The next stop is Jumna reef a small reef with colorful vertical walls and very rich in reef fish.

With a short navigation we then reach Sha’ab Ambar, a sheltered reef used as a mooring base that often offers the opportunity to meet families of more or less sedentary dolphins. The cruise will still touch two diving spots, Pinnacolo and Pender Reef; both are similar, the first a shoal that begins 5 meters below sea level has a width of about 30 meters.

It is an exciting dive both for the richness of pelagic fish and for the colors where there is no shortage of important encounters with large grays; Pender Reef is much larger in size with large drops that are very rich in pitch fish. In winter there is the risk of having a visibility in the water that is not excellent with sea formed on the ascent towards Port Sudan for this reason the most suitable period for this route remains spring.


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