For adventure lovers, this program offers the possibility of optimizing the time / diving ratio! Arriving on Saturday evening in Port Sudan, an overnight stay in a hotel is immediately provided (3 star superior category – with a possible supplement the 5 star Hilton cat is also available), in the morning after breakfast we leave for a transfer by Jeep up to in Marsa Fijab; the route lasts about two hours, the road – paved only for the first few kilometers – immediately becomes an Off Road track and runs along the coast, revealing the wonderful landscape of the famous Sudanese Marseilles on one side and the typical African desert landscape on the other . After a quick boarding with the dinghy this incredible itinerary begins.

The first stop is in Sha’ab Suedi where the Blue Bell wreck sleeps, about 3 hours by boat you reach Quita el Banna – a very rich tower 4 miles from the coast where you often meet solitary large sharks or as a couple as well as lots of pelagic fish and fast-moving fish; after sleeping sheltered in Gurna reef, continue to Shambaya a strategic mooring not far from the famous Um Garush (Angarosh) area considered the mother of the Martello present by dozens almost all year round; in this area there will obviously be an opportunity to beat other splendid reefs such as Abington, Merlo and Mayettib. Do not miss a snorkelling walk in Mesharifa – a lagoon chosen by manta rays as a mating place (between October and November).

Going back down to Marsa Fijab, lengthening the navigation pace, you will reach the mythical Sha’ab Rumi where one of the most beautiful dives in the entire Red Sea awaits us just a few minutes from the Precontinent II of Cousteau: Punta Sud. overlooks a terrace overlooking the blue from where barracuda, Martello and Grigi perform breathtaking carousels! Given the particularity of the approach to land from Port Sudan to Marsa Fijab, since the road is not beaten, in the event of atmospheric precipitation (only in some months of the year and in any case rare and however short) the track could be impracticable, should it be modify the itinerary therefore Diving One Golette Nel Mondo cannot be held responsible


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