The cruise departing from Port Sudan takes place mainly towards the north. The first stop is Wingate reef, where the famous “Umbria” wreck that sunk at the beginning of World War II is located. With a few hours of navigation, you arrive at the imposing Sanganeb lighthouse which observes this enchanted sea area from above. The large gray sharks and a compact army of barracudas and trevally have chosen as their territory, a plateau at 35 meters, located on the southern tip of Sanganeb.

This is where the wall plunges into the blue and where you can see curious hammerheads but indifferent to divers. The next stop is Sha’ab Rumi, a reef full of surprises, we dive on the plateau near the pass where Cousteau created his laboratory in 1964. A spectacle of incredible colors, it will be to see its abandoned equipment, almost completely covered with coral formations.

Schools of gray sharks and hammerhead sharks can be approached near the southern tip of Sha’ab Rumi, from a plateau at 30 meters; the barracudas, settled in these waters, are sometimes so thick as to obscure the sunlight. Further north we find the Sha’ab Suadi reef. Upside down on the reef and carpeted with beautiful rainbow-colored alcyonaria, lies the wreck of the Blue Belt; inside we will find huge tropical groupers


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