Deep South Cruise

This is an exclusive 2-week cruise , which allows you to reach almost the border of the Eritrean waters, in a still sea and marine fauna rarely meets divers; destination far from the coast, even for fishermen. Pristine islands and reefs still to be discovered with each expedition we go in search of new diving spots. The last island before Eritrea is Dahrat Abid, a terrace covered with soft and hard corals where fish from pelagic reefs float, and where large groups of hammers patrol the depths of this sea. </ p>

The island of Darraka is famous because it seems that Cousteau has carried out experiments and studies there after having left Sha’ab Rumi . Here in the water the view is obscured by surgeonfish, barracudas, trevally, tuna, and sometimes we meet a small group of hammerhead sharks and often silky sharks that turn around us at the end of the dive. Habili Lory is the kingdom of soft coral and silky sharks.

Dahrat Qab Island offers colorful diving spots full of life. Some of the reefs that we have discovered and to which we have given the name, which we choose from time to time based on the weather and sea conditions | Andrew Reef, Adam Reef, Muchka Reef, Ago’s Reef, Shab Marcel, Nick Reef, Domesh Reef . On the eastern side we dive on the plateau of Masamirit or Karam Masamirit, an excellent diving spot for variety of encounters and color. A couple of years ago a few boats started joining us in the South, but usually the solitude is almost absolute for almost 14 days, and our knowledge of the area allows us to choose the best spots.


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