This is a special one-week itinerary. During the cruise, you will immerse yourself in the beautiful and exclusive area of Saint John where the corals are particularly developed and colorful. Thanks to the fact that these areas are only accessible to cruising boats, in fact any encounter is possible, especially with large pelagics. Shab Marsa Alam: A barrier in front of the last inhabited city south of the Egyptian coast. Here the coral gardens form large blocks teeming with flagfish, trevally, triggerfish and platax.

Abu Galawa: It is in the group of ‘Fury Shoal’, a beautiful coral garden in the north part and a wreck of an old tugboat completely covered with coral lying on a pinnacle in the south part, on the west wall a wreck of a private sailboat is home to a colony of glass fish. Shaab Maksur: Long and narrow reef with 2 plateaus, one in the NORTH where it offers the opportunity to see large fish as well as corals and madrepores, the other in the SOUTH where 3 pinnacles with holes rise from the plateau, full of life and fabulous colorful alcionari. Sirnaka: In the nautical maps it is marked as MIKAWA ISLAND, an island located under Ras Banas where you can stop on the way to or from St. John (if you need a nice shelter). A relaxing, pleasant night dive.

St. John Cave (Umm Akarim or mother of the holes): Beautiful dive inside small caves and passages, with stops to see nudibranchs, outside the sandy bottom passages with pinnacles where you always around Platax and Napoleon. Sha’ab Claudio: Fantastic tunnels, caves, cracks and inlets characterize this dive. You can venture inside with the utmost tranquility, being guided by the light that filters through the cracks above you which reflecting on the white sandy bottom create surreal projections throughout the dive. Once out of the tunnels you will be greeted by a colorful coral garden. Encounters with giant moray eels are frequent, and the meeting with Napoleon who will keep you company until the end of the dive is inevitable.

Saint Johns Reef: This incredible reef is located approximately 40km north of the Sudanese border and 20km south of Zabargad. The reef covers a large area and many dives are required to discover all the islands and pinnacles that make up this agglomeration. Big Ghota: An almost circular reef, very large. The dive to the south can be done on a large terrace ranging from 25-35m; many fish are found in the area, it is easy to see a large colony of anemones with clown and often there is the possibility of seeing some manta ray, to the north there is the passage of pelagic, barracudas and tuna.

Sattaya (Dolphine reef): A large 6 mile long reef in the shape of a horseshoe. For some time now there have been families of dolphins that are easy to meet in the lagoon. It is a great shelter for the night, best time to meet lion fish. Excellent dives are possible on the SOUTH side, on a plateau with various towers, a beautiful hard coral garden, up to the drop-off where there is the possibility of passing pelagic.


Mar Rosso Egiziano

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