North Male South Male Ari Rasdhoo

An exciting mix of submerged landscapes and breathtaking views in the MRC cruise company.
At the center of this long archipelago are three of the most famous atolls in the Maldives from east to west : North Male, South Male and Ari.
The cruise departs south, allowing new divers to get used to the comfortable temperatures of these waters by exploring a fishing boat that sunk three decades ago, transformed into a home for the typical micro fauna of these waters: pipefish and scorpion fish (Pterois volitans) that inhabit the outer decks and crevices full of glassfish.

The fishing island of Gurahidoo is surrounded by dive sites that can give rivers of currents in the pass, in Dhivehi called “Kandu”, which bring large predators such as the typical white tip sharks and the gray reef shark. It is not unusual to encounter large napoleons and green turtles (Chelonia midas) among the ledges of Kandooma Thila.
The crossing to the west of the South Ari Atoll is often accompanied by large groups of dolphins.

These waters are characterized by diving of herds of rowley , which in Dhivehi are called “Thila”. They are peculiar due to the abundance of fish and gardens of both hard and soft corals. In fact, the Dhangheti area is famous for its spectacular dive sites, such as 5 Rocks with its blues and Kuda Thila Raa with its schools of yellow-striped squirrels and snappers, soft corals and long whips of black coral.
Before returning to the central areas it is absolutely necessary to see, in true “safari” style, the great lord of this area, the whale shark.
In the western part of the atoll, when dry north winds blow -east, there are several points where it is easy to meet the great manta rays approaching the reef to enjoy the many cleaning stations rich in plankton.
The journey continues north between the large coral tables and the famous tip Radhigga Thila Shark Head, Maayafushi Area Fish Head, where a night dive is a unique and unforgettable experience.

Leaving Bathala you will encounter coral reefs , full of large sharks and sea eagles, the small atoll of Rasdhoo, where in the early morning you will have the opportunity to experience the thrill of swimming in the surrounded blue ocean by luminous particles of plankton, waiting to see the hammerhead sharks on their return from the morning hunt.
The last afternoon is dedicated to Male, the capital of the Maldives, to enjoy the bright colors of the fruit market and the market of crawling fish and meet some historical and cultural aspects of “people who live without land”.


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