Nord Male Lhaviyani Baa

10-day or 2-week cruise that begins and ends at the Hulumale / Malè airport.
We begin navigation towards the northwest by staying overnight in Rasfari bay. The following morning, after the first dive on the oceanic reef of the island, we continue sailing north to arrive in the atoll of Baa which offers very special dives in shoals and reefs characterized by the presence of corals of all kinds.

But the main point of interest of the atoll is certainly the famous bay of Hanifaru, where from May to November an exceptional concentration of Kreel attracts many large filter feeders and in the midst of dozens and dozens of manta rays you can also regularly spot numerous whale sharks.
The navigation proceeds to the north-east to reach the atoll of Lhaviyani whose particular shape and position with ocean passes exposed both to the east and to the west, and allows us to do to spot sharks and abundant fish pelagic in both seasons. During the summer, the marine protected area of Fushifaru Thila becomes a spectacular manta point.

The cruise will go even further north through Noonu and Shaviyani atoll, vast areas recently opened to tourism and with many dive sites yet to be discovered !! Beautiful shoals with canopies and caves, soft corals, sea eagles, large groupers and, occasionally, even gray sharks.
Along the way, stops on fishing islands and beautiful desert islands.
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