whale sharks

The extraordinary phenomenon of the migration of whale sharks occurs in the waters of the Gulf of Goubbeth. We will be the protagonists of this event by sailing alone through a fairytale landscape. The dives with whales will take place in snorkelers and freedivers therefore accessible to anyone and at all diving levels. In the southern area of the Red Sea, the small state of Djibouti is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and those of the Red Sea. Its depths are therefore affected by the influence of the two seas that mix with each other; by virtue of this phenomenon, the depths of Djibouti are unpredictable thanks to the incredible variety of reef fish, but above all due to the presence of a large group of sedentary whale sharks that from November to February gather in the Gulf of Tadjoura, a few miles northwest of the port of Djibouti.

These majestic sharks will be the main protagonists of this journey, accompanied by an extraordinary landscape whose geological characteristics are unique in the world and this peculiarity seems to be reflected in the character and spirit of the place. The cruise is divided between the splendid gulfs of nel Ghoubbet and Tadjoura and that of el Karab. We will immerse ourselves in the amazing Secche delle Passe with the hat at 16 meters, where a plateau covered with alcionari extends, as well as the Petit Passe. Herds of pelagics will be spotted in the blue. Then the dive a la du Requins which takes place along the east wall of the island where a small rock 35 meters deep is located a short distance away. In the blue we witness the passage of specimens of trevally and reef sharks. The dive called La Faille (the Fault), will be carried out within an extensive submerged fault that is the continuation of the tectonic rift that continues from the Asian continent to the center of Africa: the famous Rift Valley.

Halfway through its journey, it reaches the coasts of Djibouti and then continues along the African continent. Other dives will be made during the cruise such as the one on the wreck of the Faon, located a few miles outside the Mousha Islands.