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Sudanese Red Sea is one of the most spectacular seas in the world!
You can be assured that Sudan is one of the few places in the world that has remained untouched by man. There are no crowded sites, visibility is still crystal clear, undamaged barriers make life proliferate. The water temperature ranges from 23 to 26 C in winter to 30 in summer. A cruise to Sudan is weather dependent but may include the Umbrian wreck, an Italian merchant ship.

During the war the captain sank the ship to prevent it from going into enemy hands. Old Fiat Balilla trucks are located at a depth of 13 meters, on the first deck. In the other hold you can find empty bottles of wine, (we have already drunk the full ones !!), cables and many bombs. Sha’ab Rumi is where Jacques Cousteau built his Precontinent II experiment from the 1960s. Cousteau’s “Ocenauti” lived for the first time under the sea. The South point of Sha’ab Rumi is also known for its sharks and a group of about 30 hammerhead sharks. Sha’ab Suadi is home to the Blue Belt wreck. From here we sail north to the reefs of Angarosh, Abington Reef and Merlo Reef.

Then dive into Sanganeb’s garden. This garden is characterized by the pinnacles of beautiful hard and soft corals. Anthias and other small fish stand right above them and the colorful soft corals wave in the gentle current. A large number of gray sharks have been spotted between these pinnacles.


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