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whale sharks

Located in the southern sea of the Red Sea, the small state of Djibouti is washed by the waters of the Indian Ocean and those of the Red Sea. Its depths are therefore affected by the influence of the two seas that mix with each other; by virtue of this phenomenon, the depths of Djibouti are unpredictable thanks to the incredible variety of coral fish,

but above all due to the presence of a large group of sedentary whale sharks that gather in the Gulf of Tadjoura from November to February. The splendid animals will be the main protagonists of this journey, accompanied by an extraordinary emerged landscape whose geological characteristics are unique in the world and this peculiarity seems to be reflected in the character and spirit of the place. In Djibouti there are some legends strongly rooted in the local populations, who survived colonialism, revolutions and civil war: one of these concerns the Gulf of Goubbeth and tells of supernatural forces present in its waters.

It is said that a long time ago, in the middle of the gulf there was an island surrounded by fire. One day The Devil’s Island disappeared swallowed by the waters and all around it there was nothing but a circle of fire. A place that evokes the fear of mysterious forces. The forces of the underworld took possession of the place and no fishing boats ventured into these waters considered too dangerous. For a geologist of our time it is easy to imagine which natural forces the legend referred to, but the Afar peoples continue to keep it alive out of respect for the traditions handed down from the past.